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Herbalife Mixers

Mixers Herbalife Nutrition
The Best Meal Replacement In The World

Try our products, vitamins, bottles, shakers. We offer mixers and even measuring tapes for free to get you started when you purchase any Herbalife programme. Herbalife Mixers and product accessories for daily convenience.

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Fabric Tape Measure
Herbalife Fabric Tape Measure Overview This durable, 1.5 meter long, metric tape measure is a co..
Herbalife 24 Sports Water Bottle 750cc
Herbalife 24 Sports Bottle 750cc Overview Brand new sports bottle. Ideal to take with you at the..
Herbalife 24 Super Shaker Black 24 Logo
Herbalife 24 Super Shaker black  Overview Fully branded with the Herbalife24 logo. The Blac..
Herbalife Starter Kit
Overview The ideal gift Contains 1 fabric tape, 1 shaker, 1 small tablet box and 1 measuring spoon...
Herbalife Super Shaker
Herbalife Super Shaker Overview The Super Shaker is a brand new way to mix your Herbalife shakes..
Measuring Spoon
Overview Custom designed for Herbalife, it's four measuring spoons rolled into one. Measurements in..
Mini Mixer
Overview This hand-held shake mixer is portable and easy to use. It comes in a convenient travel ca..
New Herbalife Shaker
Overview Enhanced Shaker Design: Leak-proof closure filter Overall design now “owned” by..
Retractable Tape Measure
Overview Retractable Tape Measure comes in a hard shell with a pull tab, making it easier to take m..
Tablet Crusher
Herbalife Tablet Crusher Overview Dual-purpose Tablet Crusher includes storage compartment ..
Tomato Soup Mug
Overview Herbalife branded acrylic soup mug. The ideal mug to enjoy the Herbalife Gourmet Tomato So..
Water Bottle
Overview Our water bottle features a dual-flow top and a wide opening allowing for ice to be added...
Water Bottle Green
Herbalife Water Bottle Green Overview A brand new addition to the Herbalife branded range of wat..